The Stormcast Eternals are being expanded upon again as the new edition for the Age of Sigmar is coming next month. With that, the Warhammer Community put together an intro into the Stormcast Eternals with a new video that has new units hidden in it.

So which ones are they?

This is the official release trailer

New models via the Warhammer Community


The rank-and-file of the Sacrosanct Chamber are Sequitors. Like Liberators, these warriors are the line infantry of their respective Chamber but specialise in fighting magical foes, like Daemons and Nighthaunt. They have a few magic powers of their own, too – each was a mystic, priest or mage in their former life and now possesses the power to channel energy to their shields or weapons where needed.


Evocators are warrior-mages – hybrids of  Stormcast Eternals Paladins and Battle Wizard of the Collegiate Arcane. Armed with sword and stave, the Evocators can enhance the abilities of other warriors of the Sacrosanct Chamber with powerful spells.


Castigators are crossbow-wielding warriors who fire crystalline bombs charged with Dracoth breath to obliterate both conventional and ethereal foes alike – like the Sequitors, they can charge their weapons with lightning when the need arises.

The Celestar Ballista

The Celestar Ballista is the first ever Stormcast Eternals war machine. The Sacrosanct Chamber isn’t just made up of mages and mystics, but also engineers – the Lord-Ordinator was just a hint of what’s to come…

The Lord-Arcanum

Armies from the Sacrosanct Chambers are commanded by Lord-Arcanums – veteran magi with a mastery of soul-craft. Having overseen the Anvil of Apotheosis – where the souls of dead Stormcast Eternals are reforged to life, the Lord-Arcanums heal their fellow warriors and return them to battle nigh-instantly. Many Lord-Arcanums ride celestial beasts into battle.

The Sacrosanct Chamber is sounding pretty cool – but how do they work in battle? Let’s check out the warscroll for the Knight-Incantor to get our first look at the rules for these warrior-mages:
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