The Daughters of Khaine are up now with the latest preview for the 2nd Edition Age of Sigmar. 

via the Warhammer Community

Like all battletomes this year, the Daughters of Khaine were designed to work with the new edition, and you’ll find yourself well equipped to utilise the new rules. Your Hag Queens and other heroes will benefit hugely from Look Out, Sir!, not to mention the new system of command abilities, while the 30” unbind is great for a unit of Doomfire Warlocks – combined with their high Move characteristic, the range of this ability will allow you to stop casters almost anywhere on the board.

Talking of Heroes, the new edition features some powerful, realm-specific artefacts that are well worth a look for your Slaughter Queens (or any other Hero you fancy!). We’ve picked a couple from Ulgu you might want to try – the horde-obliterating Betrayer’s Crown and the Hero-annihilating Sword of Judgement:

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