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Introduction to the Genesys Project. What is it?, Preview Faction, Video, and Possibilities

An introduction into the Genesys Project. There have been some requests for more information on exactly what the Genesys Project is, so here is a solid introduction.

The Genesys Project is all about your control allowing you to create your own customized armies including unit types, weapons, spells and powers, and even your vehicles.

Being in tabletop miniatures for decades, the constant updates and changes to the rules for my armies has been one of the most frustrating part of the hobby. While change can be good, so many miniatures put together have been suddenly dropped or invalidated by new rules.  

In the Genesys Project you are in control. An army wide special ability not working out for your faction, change it. Want to develop your own faction with its own rich and unique history?, Of course, that is what you do here. Yes there are plenty of pre-made factions going into the books, but even those you can alter to make your own personalized version of them. 

So you create your faction, your unit classes, customize a few weapons... now what. The game is a dynamic play between you and your opponent, going back and forth head to head in a match up to complete your primary mission. No more getting handicapped by the board set up or the mission either.. these can be changed and moved around during set up depending upon your rolled mission and Battle Plans. Roll your mission... put your best list forward to accomplish your mission.

There are 5 Life Domains in the Genesys Project. These are separate books that have their own ways of putting together your Faction and armies. Each Domain book literally allows 100's of different faction builds, and I am being modest on that number count... its much more than that.

  1. Humanoids- This is your Human variants, cultures and concepts, including Giants, Dwarves, Half-Fey, Feral, Aberrations, and much more. 
  2. Fey- Not a part of reality, they come outside or deep within the Ethereal. Focused on Spheres of Influence like Truth, Deceit, Life, and Death (many more), these are your Angels, Demons, Elemental Forces, reaching even further into Chaos, Order, and Time. 
  3. Reptilia- The oldest of the Domains tracing their lineages to ancient creatures, the Reptilia access Dragon like abilities, from Ophidian, Tuatara, Troglodytes, and more. 
  4. Biests- Wild and with regional abilities take the animal kingdoms to a very feral place. From Felines of the Plains, to Ovis of the Mountains and delving into the Occult and Shamanism.
  5. Insekts- The Insekts are the ravenous swarms you'd expect, but not always... Mutated variants and hybrids of the classifications and orders make them extremely adaptable and varied. 
Creating a faction goes beyond just the Life Domains. You can take traits granting access to cross domain factions. For example, creating a Humanoid Faction delving into the Fey using Forbidden Knowledge to create Undead, or Demonic crossbreeds. Every Domain has cross-book access through traits, and these can push your concepts in new exciting directions. 

The Ages
There are three ages to play in The Genesys Project. Create your faction in any of the three, or start at the beginning of the 1st Age and play through all 3. Here in Genesys, you progress and gain progression points and mission awards to progress your unit classes, advance your faction, discover new technologies, and more. Starting in the 1st Age as armored knights, may lead you into the second age with the replacement of limbs and augmentation with machine and computer parts, to the third age where your faction takes on a new twist and delves into forbidden knowledge of time. 
1st Age: Early to late Fantasy Setting
2nd Age: Early modern to near future
3rd Age: Far Distant Future

How does it work?
Choose your Life Domain and get going. You will select traits that have a point cost attached to them. These traits have 1 or more abilities within them. The point costs for traits add to your model cost for each member of your faction. So taking 3-6 traits for your faction, will add up and give you a standard point cost granting increased stat lines and abilities that defines your Species/Faction.

From there you will create your unit classes. Specifically trained or even genetically different members of your faction with their own specialized or advanced traits. In essence, your unit classes gain additional traits making them unique and giving them their roles on the tabletop.

Want to see a Faction? Here is a recent playtesting faction from the Biests, The Iboc Death Cult.

With that introduction in place, Im posting up some links and videos....

Battle Reports
Part 1
Part 2

The Genesys Project is currently just past the Open Beta while the books are being gone through line by line to refine, add content, edit, and get the project ready for launch. We were in the Open Beta for over a year, and had tons of feedback, and if you are interested, those rules are still available now.

You can register for your own set of Open Beta free rules here

If interested, you can also jump in with the closed beta group, by emailing me at
Here you are put through a rigorous and exhausting set of playtesting requirements.... lol, Joking of course. Just give some feedback and your good.

Right now we are specifically working on Mission updates, creating demo factions for the Domain books (get your faction in as one of the pre-made factions), and looking at changes to Morale.