Shipping has been fixed with reduced pricing for outside the US.
The fundraiser for Brand ends in 4 days, so this is your last chance to really jump in and help support the family.

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Brand Shovlar was a 12 year old and a huge 40k fan (of the Space Wolves Type) who passed away last month from cancer. While I am a bit late to the call, his family is still struggling to cover expenses for funeral and treatments. There has been a lot of support for him during his treatments from the gaming and cosplay communities (even a full decked out marine visit in the hospital).

A fundraiser is going on to support the family of Brand Shovlar. While I was not onto this story until yesterday, its an important one for our community to read about and learn about a 12 year olds passion for the game.

There are fundraisers on here where you can get your t-shirt. The fundraider ends on May 20th.

T-shirt fund raiser

"Lo they do call to me, and bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla..."

This item is being sold to raise funds for the family of Brand Shovlar, a young wolf taken too soon.  ALL proceeds from the purchase of this item will be sent.  We are able to do this thanks to many people pulling together to pull this off and keep just about all of this "in house".  Thank you for your support in this.

This is a US sized T-shirt, Dark Charcoal (Spacewolves colors!)

THIS FUNDRAISER WILL RUN UNTIL MAY 20, then we will fulfill orders and send the funds to the family.

Learn more about Brand from this article over on Bols

And here on his facebook page during his battle with cancer

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