Atlantis Miniatures creates some fantastic miniatures that we have had up on the site before when they launched their Dwarves Kickstarter over a year ago. The dwarves had great looking renders and when Atlantis Miniatures sent us some product for review, I jumped at the chance to see these guys in person.

The Resin.. This is not the flimsy soft or rigid easily breakable resin I've seen in many different models. These came out rather clean with minimal mold lines and flash, and while have a slight amount of flexibility to them, there were no real oddly warped weapons or parts that need to be rebent back into shape. The quality of the resin and the miniatures with the details they have achieved here puts them in far above many other companies.

Out of the Box. The miniatures are resin with very little assembly required as you can see in these pics.

I included a techmarine for scale.

None of the miniatures duplicate the sculpts giving a wide variety of miniatures, with the exception that the Bear Rider (the dwarf mini) does come in the Dwarf Specials box set. You can also see that there is a little flash on the minis, but very minimal. I have not cleaned these up.

Assembly: Washing.... They are resin so yes I did give them a quick wash, but it was minimal and I had no problems with the superglue making a solid bond during assembly. So when assembling the miniatures they went together rather easily and all the arms (even on the two handed weapons) lined up exactly where they needed to be.

Ive always hated and feared assembling two handed weapons and them not lining up well.
Lets take a closer look at some of the models after assembly.

Troll Hunter: Great Details

Don't mess with this girl

Female Dwarves done right

Dual Weapons, 2 handed Weapons, and Weapon with Shields are in the box.

2 handed weapons

hmm a spellcaster in the works

The Gladiator

These dwarves mean business

Very detailed miniature

This guy is huge

Just Big and Mean

Wishing he came with a saddle.. might have to do that on my own

Somehow forgot to photograph a dwarf with shield. 

Again loving the details found in the dwarves.

another one of my favorite sculpts

While I have yet painted the miniatures (getting to that), the quality of the miniatures and the details are easy to see. While there are several models in the Dwarf Specials box set that wont see the gaming tables.... the Brewmasters, Villagers, and Bag Piper, everything else will be put together and used in future games.

Ive always disliked squatted overly dumpy looking sculpts of dwarves, or even the naked ones we have seen a lot of recently. Comparing these miniatures from Atlantis Miniatures to the Dwarves from elsewhere that have a cost of $50 for 10, the slightly higher cost of Dwarves from Atlantis Miniatures at $60 I feel are worth it.

For my own personal armies I will be picking up some Ram Mounts with their riders.. a needed addition to what is here.

The Mountain Troll is huge. Currently he is listed at $40.69 which I feel is a bargain. There are lots of other Troll and Giant miniatures from Atlantis, as well as their Goblin and Orc ranges that I believe would be great to own.

I will post up again over on What's On Your Table when I get some paint on the Dwarves, which I am starting today, but may take a bit to get done.

Overall: I really enjoy these miniatures, the sculpts and quality of the miniatures is very high. While many of the miniatures cost more than other miniatures, (some are higher some are less), I think the quality places them about right. Of course I always want miniatures for less, but here with the Dwarves I think you get more by paying a little more. It's my hope that you can see the detail in these images, and that they really come out with some paint.

Its also important to note that I have been watching Atlantis Miniatures for quite some time (just shy of stalking of course), and that there are many miniatures that are not currently on their site. I am hoping these come back soon, as I don't always recall what was there, and do want to pick up a few more things.

I really hope to see a lot more coming out of Atlantis Miniatures, and you can be assured we will be watching.

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