Verge of War has a new game currently in beta and some miniatures that caught my attention and drove me to check out more for this new start up.

The raptors are what drove me to check out this game. In fact many of the miniatures are already up for sale, and of course I had to order a few. We will take a closer look a them soon, and in the meantime here is an introduction into Verge.

Verge of War

VERGE recreates action-packed clashes of high-tech armies on the battlefields of the far future. Their scale ranges from covert ops and skirmishes of patrol units to full-fledged planetary assaults, supported by fleet groups. The game system allows simulation of combat in various types of terrain and conditions and provide tools for you to create an army that fits your tactical doctrine

The rules are easy to learn so that you could start playing in several minutes. But beneath the surface there are lots of things to master, including subtle combinations and nuances that will allow you to discover new stratagems and tactical approaches while making your army even stronger.

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