With the new edition right around the corner for the Age of Sigmar, the Warhammer Community has been giving us a faction focus daily. While I have not been keeping up on them every day, here is a full list of this week's factions.

This Week's Faction Focus.......

Hosts of Slaanesh

The Hosts of Slaanesh are insatiable hedonists who will kill, reave and pillage in search of new sensations, glory and the attention of their dark master. Gifted with lightning-fast reflexes, strange powers of allure and hyper-acute senses by the warping powers of Chaos, the Hosts can certainly be found in the blasted wilds, but are also seen in the hearts of the free cities. 

Among the duardin, the Fyreslayers are legendary. Part religious fanatic, part honour-bound soldier, part ruthless mercenary, every Fyreslayer is an heir to an ancient tradition of war dating back to the Age of Myth, when the duardin god Grimnir rampaged across Aqshy battling great beasts in search of glory.


The Ironjawz are the vanguard of Destruction – a rampaging horde of destroyers who have crushed empires and brought kingdoms to ruin for no other reason than finding it fun. The Ironjawz live for war and nothing else, giving worship to their god Gorkamorka through sheer carnage.

Everchosen and Slaves to Darkness

While Chaos may have been driven back by Sigmar’s storm, its influence in the Mortal Realms runs deep. From far-flung tribes to ancient and wicked empires, the Chaos Gods are worshipped by many mortals, and their armies are collectively known as the Slaves to Darkness. Often born into societies where worship of the Dark Gods is a necessity of survival, every member of the Slaves to Darkness is a battle-hardened warrior, swollen with dark gifts and forged by decades – or centuries – of warfare. 

The Everchosen, in particular, have a deadly advantage in the new edition with the Overlords of Chaos warscroll battalion. Made up of Archaon, a Gaunt Summoner and a unit of Varanguard – all great units in their own right – this formation means that turn priority is always fifty-fifty, rather than providing either player with an advantage, as well as letting you know if you’re going to get a double turn or not.

Stormcast Eternals

Stormcast Eternals are immortal warriors from Azyr that wield the holy power of the storm. When a soul in the Mortal Realms lives a just and true life, upon death, they can be called to Azyr to serve in the armies of the God-King, Sigmar. Each Stormcast Eternal is armed with inviolate sigmarite plate and weapons, and enhanced with a range of powers – from vastly increased strength to more unusual abilities, like detecting lies, projecting bolts of lightning or negating dark magics.

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