Skaven in the new edition of Age of Sigmar..... another faction focus.

via the Warhammer Community

In the new edition:

Stacking command abilities is going to be superb for all skaven armies. Combine the Tyrants of Battle command ability from the Verminlord Warbringer – which lets a unit re-roll 1s to hit and wound while they’re within 13″ of the Verminlord – and the Skaven Warlord’s Gnash-gnaw on their Bones! ability – which lets a unit make one extra attack with all of their melee weapons – and even a unit of Clanrats becomes a deadly force on the battlefield.
Several skaven units have had their points tweaked in the new edition, making them great choices as allies or as units in their own right. We’re happiest about Thanquol and Boneripper being reduced to the point where they’ll comfortably fill out an Allies choice in a 2000 point matched play list. If you’re feeling particularly devious, use him in an Eshin army and cast Skitterleap on him with a Verminlord Deceiver to drop this deadly duo 6″ away from your unfortunate foes – just in range of their brutal Warpfire Projectors.
Finally, let’s talk about summoning. The skaven are getting some nifty new options to play with in the new edition that, while not quite as reliable as those used by armies like the Legions of Nagash, are still a lot of fun to use. Lord Skreech Verminking’s ability, the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell, now literally turns your foes into Clanrats:
Meanwhile, the Screaming Bell can still give you a Verminlord on a roll of a double 6 – only now, it doesn’t cost any points! Nifty, eh?

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