These are being passed around now, as it appears that scanner has posted up some of the rules for creating your Feeblades. We saw a couple of these posted up today on the Warhammer Community site, and this expands upon that.

via scanner over on Facebook

Canis Rex has the re-roll one’s quality, closest target burden and -1 ld to all enemies within 12″ warlord trait for 450 points.

Leadership test is just like 7th, where you roll 2d6 and want to get under the Morale number. Some knights have a base 9 and there is a way to make it a fat 10 so hopefully your Free blade won’t be crippled by self-doubt.

Knight Freeblade Quality:

  • Reroll 1’s to hit against squads of 10 or more
  • Reroll 1’s against warlord, and obsec
  • Heroic Intervention of 6″
  • One reroll per round
  • Peerless Warrior
  • Indomitable

Knight Freeblade Burdens:

  • Can not be targeted by strats
  • Reroll 6’s to hit
  • Can only target the closest unit with shooting
  • Driven to Slaughter
  • Impetuous Nature

The Facebook page is members only, so if you want to see it elsewhere, you can follow this link.

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