Ive received emails pointing out that several other news/rumor sites are saying that the Horus Heresy will has ran its course and is ending or soon to be cancelled. Yes, I know that there were a lot of bits moved to last chance, but this does always mean that there is some ominous end of all things Horus Heresy coming.

The game ending anytime soon is a ridiculous concept. I am not anywhere near the end of all knowing when it comes down to these types of things, but Ive heard nothing of it, and I do not think the articles over Bols or anywhere else was really suggesting that the plug was about to be pulled. Instead I think there are fears in the community (and a little or a lot of mistrust) when it comes to our favorite games and their future.

If my word is not enough... Please take Forgeworld's direct response to the question.

The fears came from this article over on Bols. It was picked up by some other sites as well. Please no site bashing or drama in the comments.

Above all else, please no more emails about it. (yes I know some of you will do this just because I mentioned it, and I get it)

this is via the Forgeworld Facebook page.

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