Coming in the new edition for the Age of Sigmar...... Sylvaneth armies. Here is the latest preview of what to expect for your armies.

via the Warhammer Community
Sylvaneth players will love the new summoning rules, with both Alarielleand the Branchwraith now able to bring on new models mid-game. The latter will be able to do this through a tweaked version of her spell, Roused to Wrath, while the former has a new table to use with her Soul Amphorae ability:
While you’ll only be able to use this ability once per game, it’s going to be absolutely invaluable for your army – maybe you need 20 Dryads in a pinch to seize an objective, want to snipe a key foe with some Kurnoth Hunters, or just fancy another Treelord…
That’s not all – several Sylvaneth units have seen some very welcome discounts in the new General’s Handbook. Both Kurnoth Hunters and Spirits of Durthu now cost fewer points, meaning you’ll be able to pack more of these powerful units into your lists.
Finally, if your Sylvaneth hail from Ghyran, you’ll be able to access a host of powerful artefacts. Our favourites are probably the Hypersnare Seeds – a great pick for a support character that can potentially spoil an enemy charge at a key moment – while the Entangling Blade can help you weaken a particularly deadly hero:

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