Here is the price breakdown for us on the new citadel brush price increase that is coming on June 9th. There has been some talk on it I have been following, so it was nice for a source to give us an actual breakdown of the brushes and what the price increase will look like.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212

This is the FAQ on the price increase from Games Workshop

Which brushes are rising in price?
All of them – we like our supplier, so we get them to make everything from Scenery Brushes to Artificer Brushes.

How much are the brushes rising in price?
It depends on the brush – but price changes are pretty minimal, circa 30 pence or currency equivalent.

When do the prices rise?
The new prices will take effect from the 9th of June.

Why are you telling me this now?
Like you, we’re hobbyists, and like you, we love a good deal – so we thought you’d appreciate the heads up. This way you can stock up on brushes before the price rise.

When will paintbrushes finally get a codex?
Due to balance issues, Daubite Brushlords have been delayed indefinitely. This ambitious codex would have uniquely allowed you to turn your painting table into a battlefield, an idea that was sadly abandoned on account of it being rubbish. 

And a look back at something very important.... Brush Care
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