More previews are on the way and this time focusing in on Khorne.

There are loads of command abilities available to Khorne armies. Previously, you’d be restricted to a single one, but with the onset of the new edition, you can start to combine them in fiendish and deadly new ways.

Here’s just one example:
Start by taking a Chaos Lord on Manticore, Aspiring Deathbringer of your choice, a Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut and a massive unit of Chaos Warriors with the Mark of Khorne. With the Aspiring Deathbringer giving every member in the unit an extra attack from Slaughter Incarnate, the Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut giving them +1 to wound from Blood Stampede, and the Chaos Lord on Manticore allowing them re-roll charge rolls, wound rolls and battleshock tests with Iron-willed Overlord, they’ll be a nigh-unstoppable force!
There are all manner of combos like this available to Khorne players and we’re sure you’ll have fun trying to find them all…
Many of you have been asking over the past few days about adding more command points to your armies if you don’t want to worry about filling a warscroll battalion. Well, good news! In matched play games, Warscroll Battalions aren’t the only way to pick up some extra command points.
This ability allows any army to gain extra command points and is a great way to add some extra tactical options to your army. Very handy for when you’ve added the units you want into your list, but find yourself with points to spare – not to mention costing less than any warscroll battalion, and less than almost all units in the game.

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