There is an incredible listing of point drops + weapon upgrades mentioned in this video. The big thing is that his information matches up on the release date with a very solid source here on Faeit 212.. which is pre-orders June 2nd and a release date of the following weekend!!!

Taken from the comments below.....
Warden roughly being 411 points rather than 466. 
New super Knights are both in the same kit, will cost around 670 points each. 
Armiger with stubber now 164. 

Pre-order on 2nd June, 9th for release. 

Castellan and Valiant both have 4 1 shot missiles - s10 -4ap D6dmg, IGNORES INVULNS 
Shoulder cannons are essentially autocannons with d3 damage. 4d3 shots in total. 

Valiant - Thundercoil harpoon - heavy 1, s16 -6ap, 2d6 dmg. Reroll hits vs vehicles and monsters +d3 mortal wounds if you cause any damage. 
Valiant - Conflagration Cannon - 18" range, heavy 3, s6, -1ap, 2 dmg, autohits. But also says heavy 3, d6 dmg, so i think something has got mixed up here. 

Castellan - Volcano Lance - range 80", heavy d6, s14, -4ap, 2d6dmg. 
Castellan - Plasma Decimator - range 40", heavy 2d6 plasma cannon.

Its a 7 minute video loaded with information.
Please remember that these are rumors....

via Valrak 

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