Just about everyone knows who Raging Heroes is, as they have dived into getting done female miniatures like no one else has. A good friend of mine in Berlin just picked up a couple boxes of Mantis Warriors and Exalted Ravagers (some crazy fun stuff there). Their sculpts have always been amazing and for quite some time Ive been wanting to take a closer look the miniatures myself.

Raging Heroes has sent us a box set of the Flesh Eaters Command to review and talk about + the Heroine Slithiss, Excrusicatrix Mistriss.

Lets talk miniatures........

First off, the miniatures come in a nice box with a layout of the contents on the back. The parts are really interchangeable so that you can create different miniatures with the same pack. I like that a lot, and this was one of the things I was curious about after looking hard at the Raging Heroes site and seeing the troop box sets were only 5 miniatures.

 Quick look at the sprues. While it looks like a lot of work to get the bits off the sprues, they came off super easy using an xacto blade (although its suggested to use clippers). They popped off with no damage or snapping of the thin bits.

The resin itself is not flexible, and any parts that come bent the wrong way will need to be reshaped briefly. Luckily though there is a very quick video on how to do that on their site. Super easy.

The next concern I have with any resin, is cleaning. I normally use a light solution soap and warm water, but the Raging Heroes box comes with instructions on how to handle their resin. (a huge plus)

These come in the box.
 I know that for you expert modelers out there these are not necessary, but I personally find them a great aid. So I went ahead and did it all their way, and the results were excellent when putting together the models. I even watched their preparing miniatures video.

Each arm is on a ball joint allowing for better assembly with glue and for posing the miniatures. Here are the sockets on the back and shoulders.

Now once cleaned the miniatures went together probably better than any miniatures Ive put together in a while. None of the superglue decided it was not going to set quickly. In fact each piece took about 20 seconds to set well enough to not be holding it. This is a huge plus. Perhaps its because I spent the time to clean the miniatures well, but its well worth the effort here. It was easy and painless, and made assembly super smooth.

Anytime I can be more concerned about cool poses rather than the miniature not coming together or stuck to me is a great time. (I once had a friend who glued one of his eyes shut during a late night of putting models together..... quite funny and a little painful for him).

This part is something you most likely already know...These models are gorgeous. The detail on them is amazing and getting paint on them is a big priority for me, as it will just highlight the amount details these models have. (I will show them off in a future What's on Your Table article). Impressive sculpts and detail give these miniatures huge thumbs up for me.

Here are some more pictures and an all important size comparison with a Cadian Imperial Guardsmen.

I really like these miniatures

I have a feeling we will be seeing these miniatures again. I may have to follow my buddies path and order a set of Exalted Ravagers and Mantis Warrios. I can already think of several ways I would like to use these miniatures..... either for an existing Dark Eldar army.... or for a new Fey Faction in the Genesys Project.

Weekend Model Giveaway!!!!!
Now for the part you may be wanting to get to right away and wonder why I've been talking so much. Raging Heroes sent a miniature to also giveaway! This miniature looks like its even more detailed than what we have been looking at with the Flesh Eater Command Box. So yes... I will be ordering this one.

Now to get a chance to win this model.... All you have to do is mention at the bottom how you would be using this model. What game system, army or event would you like to put this model into if you win it.

To win the giveaway.. sorry there is only one miniature to give away right now, all you have to do is comment below on this article (only once please, duplicates will be removed), and a winner will be selected randomly Sunday Evening, May 20th, at 10pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). As long as you have a physical address that I can ship it to, you qualify to enter. Yes, the shipping is free to you. I do not take responsibility for postal problems or losses. The item will ship Monday or Tuesday, so you will get it rather quickly.

I will be notifying the winner by email using the account you are using for disqus.

Raging Heroes

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