Sir Hekhtur, The Chainbreaker has been revealed.

via the Warhammer Community

We already knew that Codex: Imperial Knights was on its way with a range of deadly new bipedal war machines in tow, and today we find out that this glorious knightly charge is due to be led by the very first dedicated Imperial Knights unique character.
Sir Hekhtur, known as “The Chainbreaker”, is a hero known across the million* worlds of the Imperium. He takes great satisfaction in “liberating” the oppressed from under the heel of brutal xenos and traitor overlords**  a quest that has made him a byword for Imperial liberation across the galaxy. In fact, you can read a short and entirely unbiased description of some of his heroic exploits in this week’s Regimental Standard.
Sir Hekhtur rides to war in his trusty Knight-steed, Canis Rex, which proudly displays the heraldry of his noble bloodline, and is equipped with some ancient and deadly weaponry, unlike any we’ve seen yet! We’ll learn more about it soon…
The model even comes with a miniature of Sir Hekhtur, on foot and enthroned, the first time we’ve seen a Knight pilot model in plastic. You can even use him in your games  if his steed is slain, Sir Hekhtur may fight on with his archaeotech pistol!***

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