Artefacts are up today for they new Edition of Age of Sigmar, and you get the option to select them from the Realm you that you choose.

via the Warhammer Community

When you’re writing your army list, you have the option to pick a Realm for your army to be from. Perhaps your Freeguild hail from Hammerhal Aqsha, in Aqshy, or perhaps your Slaves to Darkness raid the distant outskirts of Ghur. As well as providing you with loads of opportunities for roleplaying (not to mention painting and converting), you’ll be able to replace one of your normal Artefact picks with a special artefact from your chosen realm.

Each of the seven Mortal Realms has 6 magical weapons and 6 trinkets, artefacts or pieces of armour to choose from, boasting a range of thematic and unusual effects. We’ve previewed a few of these already in our Faction Focuses.


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