Brayherds are up today for the Warhammer Communities 2nd Edition previews. While I have not looked at them for the Age of Sigmar, I have been looking into picking up some of the Brayherd miniatures. So lets take a look at what is in store for 2nd Edition Beasts of Chaos.

via the Warhammer Community

Whether you’re fielding an army of Brayherds, Warherds or Thunderscorn, or just adding some monstrous reinforcement to your Chaos army as allies, you’ll find your forces in a great place to take advantage of the new edition.

Bray-Shamans make for superb utility spellcasters – keep a couple next to a Herdstone for the bonuses to unbind spells from Arcane terrain, and you’ll be able to deny key enemy spells. Offensively, any of the endless spells will be great for your army – whether you’re increasing your charge ranges with the Chronomantic Cogs or shielding yourself from shooting with a Prismatic Palisade.
Great Bray-Shamans have had Savage Dominion replaced with a powerful new utility spell: Devolve.
This spell is going to be fantastic for messing with your enemies, from pulling your foes out of key auras and the range of abilities to putting previously safe characters in harm’s way and just snatching your foe away from an objective at a key moment.
The changes to the shooting phase are also brilliant for Brayherds armies – by using Brayherd Ambush to deploy fast-moving, durable units like Tuskgor Chariots, you’ll be able to catch enemy shooting units and keep them occupied while your characters and squishier units advance. Meanwhile, Look Out, Sir! will help your Beastlords stay alive long enough to use their command abilities!

What about the Warherds and Thunderscorn? You’ll be glad to know that several key units have seen some big points reductions in the upcoming General’s Handbook, with Bullgors, the Cygor and Dragon Ogors all having seen cuts. These guys are available as allies to many Chaos forces, and well worth considering.

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