Space Wolf Codex rumors are starting to come in, and these give us a little insight to the Venerable Dreadnought's shield and Axe, as well as info on Jaws of the World Wolf and Long Fangs. Wow, those Long Fangs look if that is all you need to create a heavy support choice!

Please remember that these are still early codex rumors.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
The venerable dreadnought shield is called a Blizzard shield, and it grants a 3+ invul to every damage on in front facing.
the axe ist just like a CCW with mastercrafted.

Jaws of the world wolf is still in, its power 6, warp charge 2, focused witch fire with 18" inch. Single model ini test or removed. MC's auto pass this test.

Long fang squads start with 2 space marines, the ancient and a long fang for 30pts.
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