120,000 point apoc games definitely counts for something that was on the their tables for a good 30+ hours of fun. While I am posting up a few pics from their battle report, you can see the results and a detailed play of what happened on the link below.

.In the pictures you will notice 1 imperator titan, and 2 warlord titans. They were on the chaos side. The armies combined for a total of those titans, 7 or 8 reaver titans, 10ish warhound titans, 20+ baneblade chassis of various types, 9 imperial knights, 20+ flyers of various types, well over 200 additional vehicles between tanks, dreadnoughts, skimmers, transports etc, and 1,000's of infantry.

I had thought about sending you this link before but wasn't sure if it 
would qualify as news worthy. Just finished a 120,000 point apoc game this 
past weekend. I wrote up a battle report for our gaming group and blog. I 
think its a good read with lots of pictures. Here is the link.


The imperator titan was built by a couple guys that traveled from 
Massachusetts and Pennsylvania to play with us in Cleveland.

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