Rules for the Dimachaeron were uncovered today at 40k Open Day, and pictures are leaking across the internet of what this new Tyranid Monster is bringing to the table. Definitely a nice model.

Here is a leaked image of the new Dimachaeron rules that I thought was originally on the Mexican Ork. I didnt see it just now, so here is a different link.

via an anonymous source
Some of the rules, but not all.
The new rules for the Dimachaeron 
Unit type: monstrous creature (leaping)
Instinctive behavior Feed, rampage, adrenal glands

Leaping: can be used in either movement or assault, but not both. Allows the model to ignore intervening terrain and models, but if lands in difficult or dangerous terrain must take a dangerous terrain test.
in movement: moves 6", ignores terrain and models.
in assault: gains hammer of wrath if it didn't already have it, hammer of wrath gets +1S and strikedown for that turn.

Can use either claws or talons in combat.
Claws: +1S AP2
Chest Maw: +4S AP1, instant death.
Talons: S user AP2, cause instant death on to wound of 4+
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