The idea of a dreadnought getting an invulnerable 3+ save is one thing, and make that a Venerable Dreadnought like the leaks have shown this to be, and you have a recipe for dishing out a lot of death to your opponent. I am a big fan of dreadnoughts, but still have thought that they were hard to use, especially in close combat under 6th and 7th edition. This looks like a great update to the dreadnought.

Please remember that we have not had an official release yet, so this still must be considered a rumor.

Confirming a 3+ invul save
via Little Bird on Warseer
Dreadnought Axe and Shield: 
Fenrisian Greataxe S=userx2 AP2 - Mastercrafted 
Blizzard Shield S=user AP2 - Grants a 3+ Invulnerable save ...

Of course next week we are looking at a confirmed hint of seeing Logan Grimnar which rumors say will have the options of being pulled on a landsled or being on foot.
via a couple Readers on Faeit 212
I Can confirm that the next weeks release will be "the great wolf"
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