Wayland Games has released the information for Dropzone Commander's future with the Resistance. A very cool schedule, as it gives us a look at the models names ahead. I especially like the Breaching Drill, the Hellhog, and more. Lots of fun, and with this you can now plan ahead.

I have it on good authority that there will be lots of information coming around this week for Dropzone Commander fans.

Please remember that this is not an official release announcement from Hawk Wargames, and it could still change. Thank you to all the readers here that sent me emails on this, as I am off my game today, after a long 10 hour dropzone battle.

The Resistance release schedule is as follows

Wave 1 - In store date of 30th August:
Resistance Starter Set
Reconquest: Phase 1 (Expansion Book)
Command Cards
M3 Alexander Command Tank
Cyclone Attack Helicopter
Rocket Technical
Gun Technical

Wave 2 - In store date of 13th September:
Lifthawk Medium Dropship
Breaching Drill
Zhukov AA MBT
Occupation Veterans

Wave 3 - In store date of 27th September:
Kraken Medium Hovercraft
Hellhog Figher
Gun Wagon
Storm Wagon
Resistance Fighters

Wave 4 - In store date of 18th October:
Hannibal MBT
Leviathan Heavy Hovercraft
Fire Wagon
Barrel Bomber
Jackson APC

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