Death Korps of Krieg Infantry have been missing on the Forgeworld site for a few days now, so it was good to heard a reader's response from Forgeworld that these models would be coming back as soon as possible. Here is what is going on.

via a Reader's Response from Forgeworld
Thank you for your email.  New moulds are being made for these models,  we intend to have them back on sale as soon as possible, hopefully in the next couple of weeks

Periodically master models need some work so we can continue to produce moulds, this means we have to take the products of sale for a short time to replace and repair the master models and then produce new moulds. The amount of time this takes depends on many factors including the level of detail in the model and the level of work the designers and mould makers already have scheduled. Unfortunately this means we can not give an accurate estimate of how long they will be unavailable for but we hope to have them available to order again within the next couple of weeks.

Forge World
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