For the second half of What's On Your Table we are looking at 30k Horus Heresy Salamanders

First off let me say great job on a great site. I must have a flick through your site 3 times a day and it definitely quenches my needs for plastic crack info.

I have been back in the 40k hobby for about 6 years, currently I play space wolves (my first love), tau, chaos daemons, salamanders, eldar, astra militarum and grey knights ( my 9 year thinks the latter 2 are his armies, which of course they are ;) ). I have now started a 30k heresy salamanders project, mainly because I can blend the models into my 40k sallies. As you have been doing your what's on your table articles I thought I would send my progress in.

The following are images of my work so far. They are a bit of a work in progress in that i need to add decals and am thinking I need to build up the weathering a bit and tidy a few things up.

I have used several techniques which I have picked up from various internet tutorials, from pre-shading with an air brush, using glaze's and brush work through to using pigments which I have just started. One day I will hopefully get to the standards of some of the internet mentors that have been sharing their unbelievable skills.

Any ways here they are I hope you like.

Dsu Dante

What's on your table is an opportunity for readers to share what they are working on. Conversions, painting, batreps, even side home brew projects. If you want to Share "What's On Your Table". Please no more than 8 pics, send your project to If for any reason you do not want your name used, please say so.
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