There is some information today on 5 new releases for Bretonnia, the next rumored Warhammer Fantasy release. It will be nice to see what is in store for this army, as its been a long time since our hobby has seen an update.

Please remember that these are rumors

via GW Tilea Italian Forums
New boxes fir Bretonnia

1 box grail/questing 5 models several weapon types

2 virtous knights/lost knights no further info

3 pegasus knight/knight of the house of the bear The house of the bear
Knight are heavy barded siege knights (slower, best armour, move wounds,
bonus attacks on charge, bonus vs buildings)

4 grail reliquary/altar of the lady The reliquary is pulled by peasants
and has offensive magic powers, the altar is pulled by foot knights and has
protective Magic powers

5 grail pilgrims/foot knights The multikit is based on pilgrims with
additional armour to convert them into foot knights. It seems that the
pegasus knights are the same with additional heavy bards to convert them
into house of the bear knights
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