We have this first image of the new Resistance Starter box set that will be released on August 30th from Hawk Wargames. I will be the one to say that this box set look very full of models for the Resistance. Definitely a very cool way to get into the Resistance. This is the first time I have seen these models painted.

Something cool on the box cover art I just saw...... 1x Resistance Fastplay Sheet is included in the starter set. It looks like perhaps we will have some easy access to the stat lines of the new Resistance. Good direction to go.

via Hawk Wargames
The Resistance Starter Army box. The Resistance part of the site will go live on the Hawk Wargames website on Thursday 7th August. There you will find Resistance products ready to pre-order, a whole load of new images, and much more information about the new race.

Of course if you are just looking at this game for the first time, here are some links for you.
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