Here is a guest article from Morelion regarding his take on UCM support and fast movers.

After my last post showing off my work in progress I thought I'd share some observations I've had about UCM army lists. Now I am yet to play a competitive game so I'm interested to see if people agree with my thinking or not but I'd love some feedback before the Invasion Tournament.

1) Support is where the party is.
The support choices where I feel that UCM get their real strength. From the humble( though brilliant) Rapier to the fast Falcon, the fantastic Ferrum to the Longbow and Fireblade where do you start?
I always start with a squad of Rapiers and a Condor. Move up and deploy to provide a big bubble of 2nd turn doom.
Next at the moment seems to be a Ferrum. I only include one in my lists. I find that it does the job well but can be a points sink if you start including more which could leave me light on the ground. Also of note is that the drones can not reaction fire. So take Rapiers people.
The Longbow strikes me as a very useful unit which combined with the Ferrum could make for a nasty combo.
The Firestorm and Falcons I have yet to try but I'm looking at the Firblades as a better counter to enemy elite infantry saving my Praetorians to deal with other infantry ( and not pesky destroyers)

No, not friendly mates but Fast Movers. The UCM have access to 2 Fast Movers, the Archangel and the Seraphim. I know a lot of people don't like having models not on the board all time but I feel that both have valid uses in a UCM army. First up the Archangel. A cheap effective flyer, for 67pts it's a charmer. 2 E7 shots allows it to be a threat to any other flyer out there. But it's also great for blocking units trying to escape. All the APC class vehicles are potential prey for these guys but I love it when they pop up on the first turn and ruin someone's dropship carrying any AA units. They also make great bodyguards for the Seraphim.
The Seraphim is often overlooked because of the Lumbering rule. Now certain cards can help protect it but ANY interceptor will love this big beast. That why I pair it with a couple of Archangels and plan it's route accordingly to maximise any defensive reaction fire I might get. Call in the Seraphim as bait and then hit their interceptor with the Archangels. Once you have done that then the Seraphims uses become clear. Use the bombs to take out high priority targets like Ferrums, Kodiaks and Hades. Add on the Sledgehammer missiles and you can deny enemy any buildings they may be holing up in.

Let me take you though a list focusing on Fast Movers and Support choices.

1492pts UCM

Field Command. 435pts
Lieutenant, Kodiak.
2x Praetorians, Raven A(missile pods).
3x Rapiers.

Legionnaire Corps. 321pts
3x Legionnaires, Bear.
3x Legionnaires, Bear, Condor( pods)

Armoured Formation. 423pts
6x Sabres
3x Rapiers

Fleet Air 201pts
3x Archangels

Fleet Air. 112pts

This list is not subtle, with so few armoured ground units you have to pump for objectives and try to ground their dropships quick. 2 squads of Rapiers should provide plenty of support for the FMs but also they can be used to pummel buildings with all those E7 shots.
I think of this a shock and awe list that isn't massively balanced and very risky depending on the dice rolls.

I hope you enjoyed this and I'll bring part 2 very soon.


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