Tonight we have a Gorkanaut by Nick, that he spent a lot of time customizing.

Gorkanaut! I set out to make something of this kit that I thought would suit the ork look better, as well as look as if it could actually move, as I wasn't happy with the base GW kit on either level. I might do a tiny bit more detailing, but it is essentially done.

So I cut at least half of the stomach out (it didn't need to be that big for 6 orks anyway). Cut the doors down in size to match. Used the lower storage bay base as a ramp with chains holding it in the lowered position. I also used parts of the Morkanaut gun to create a grot tower with FW artillery observer added.

When this kit came out I really hated it, but I was determined to find a way to make it work. Pretty happy with the results.

By Nick Thomas

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