I personally have not had to exchange anything in quite a long time with Games Workshop, even with the finecast models I have gotten over the last year or so. I think my last item was back in 5th edition, and that was a Hellhound box that was missing a part. Of course GW just asked me a few questions, and sent another box. Crazy.

I have always over the many years of buying Games Workshop products thought their customer service was second to none. Almost to the point of being over the top.

This email suggests a new return policy, that really doesnt do much more except require receipts. I am one that is often bad in this area, but I figured that if this was indeed the case, it was important for readers who are as bad with receipts as I am, to know that they should be keeping them.

via a reader here on Faeit 212
Next, wanted to mention something i'm not sure you've heard of, or quite how recent this is, but, the last couple of times I've been into a Games Workshop in the UK i have been informed of a recent change in policy for returns.

It used to be that if it was shrink-wrapped and still an item on the Games Workshop inventory list you could return it no questions asked. The last couple of times i have been told i also need the receipt and that i need to return the product to the shop i bought it from. I have been told in two separate shops that this reflects a recent Games Workshop policy change on returns. Not sure you've hear of this or if this is the same in the US.

Although you could argue all this means is that you need to keep your receipt, having to keep one and return items to the same shop is going to be irritating, and i think overall this policy change will make me a little more cautious in spending.
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