For the second half of What's On Your Table, a Daemonic Tank Commander to lead the hordes as allies to the Word Bearers.

While this model was thrown together and painted in haste to have it ready for TexasGamesCon a couple weeks ago, I am still proud of how this guy came out.

I wanted a Leman Russ Punisher tank commander to go with my Word Bearers CSM army as allies, so I ripped open the turret mount of a Chimera and inserted a Daemon Prince in its place, firing a forgefiend gun as his Punisher.  The sponsons are from a Predator kit, and the “bridges” that cross the treads were cut from plasticard.

I’m still planning to replace the lasgun arrays with some smokestacks of some sort, but I wasn’t able to get that planned out and completed before the tournament.

I’ve got details on this conversion, army shots with more conversions, and a plaguebearer painting tutorial over on my blog,

--Doctor Ham

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