Warhammer Fest is to become a 2 day event and replace the Games Day's of the past. I hope that these will translate into a Warhammer Fest US as well, and not just be a single event in the UK. Although to be honest, a two day event makes it a little more worth while to travel.

via Games Workshop: Poole Facebook
This October sees the first ever Warhammer Fest.

A celebration of all the multiple worlds of Games Workshop, you'll be able to experience all kinds of Hobby Demos, seminars, you'll be able to talk to the design studio and have your first opportunity to grab the newest Games Workshop, Black Library and Forge World products, as well as access to event only merchandise and limited edition product.

This will also be the forum for this years Golden Demon painting competition, the premier arena for the best miniature painters in the world and also Armies on Parade (Sunday only).

The best part is, tickets for Warhammer Fest will be available in store from this Wednesday, so to get yourself a ticket, be here bright and early Wednesday morning.

Tickets cost £20

The event will be held at Ricoh arena, Coventry

11th and 12th October

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