It looks like this release schedule is going to be drawn out like the Orks were, and that the 4 week release schedule could become the norm. Personally I liked a 2-3 week release schedule and leave time for a splash release. Regardless, this is looking like we will not see a Space Wolf codex until hell freezes over (see what I did there?) There are lots of Freeze/Cold Cannons and weapons mentioned in this rumor.

Seriously though, here is a list and the latest in the line up of releases for Space Wolves

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Bigred on Bols
August 2nd: Stormwolf/StormFang Combo-kit
August 9th: Dreadnought/Bjorn Combo-kit (includes new "freeze/cold" cannon and DCCW weapons)
August 16th:
- WolfLord (Frost axe/pistol)
- IronPriest (Servo-harness w "freeze/cold" weapon, T-hammer, pistol)
August 23rd:
- Codex Space Wolves
- Artbook
August 24th:
- Long Fangs ("freeze/cold" cannons)
- Rune Priest (Termy, (helmet/bare heads) Force staff, SB)
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