There is only about weeks now until the Nova Open, an event I was hoping to get to this year, but family obligations are holding me here.

While I might not be going there this year, I thought it would still be important to make note of the Nova Open Charitable Foundation. Its not something you need to be registered at Nova to participate, and the funds go to great well known charities. The best part is, you can win armies for a very small donation to the charity and auction of your choice.

The Nova Open Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization, and has several great armies to buy raffle tickets for. Here are the armies and the charities represented by each army. What is nice about this organization is that .95 cents of every dollar goes directly to the charity for the raffle. The rest goes to minor things like paypal fees and tax reporting, and overhead/ administrative costs. Is a good cause for some great armies.

Man Eaters of the Great Maw Army
The Fisher House Foundation

Flames of War WWII Panzer Lehr Western Front Army
Raffle for Wounded Veterans

Penny Arcade 40K Deathwatch Army
Child’s Play Charity

Battle of Macragge: Blood & Honor – Raffle Ticket
Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres

Battle of Macragge: Scythes of Behemoth
Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres

You can take a look at each armies progress as they are all being worked on to be completed on September 1st when the winners are drawn.

Here is a link to the Nocf where you can enter the raffles.

The Nova Open Charitable Foundation also has started a blog to mark their progress, and that can be checked out here.

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