With Warhammer Fest being the new venue in place of Games Day, the question comes up whether or not we will see them elsewhere, like the Australia or in North America. While the answer is not out yet, there are some good hints we wont be seeing one until next year.

Please remember that these are still considered rumors.

via Father Gabe on Faeit 212
No word on Warhammer Fest North America yet, still looking at late fall. Hints of 2 possibilities in the grapevine. 1- November. 2- UK version this year, sort of test run next year NA and UK. 

Armies on Parade August 30 to October 25. Should have final words on what winners get, ie. medallions for top 3 and free Gamesday (Warhammer Fest now) ticket for 1st place at each store like last few times.

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