We have been talking in the past from rumored release schedules, that both Blood Angels and Dark Eldar are going to be next. Of course our rumors have it in the reverse, Dark Eldar later this year, followed by Blood Angels most likely at the beginning of next year. With the release schedule the way it has been though, that could easily be moved up to this fall, with some Fantasy (Brettonians) in between.

Here is the latest from Larry Vela on Bols, Please remember that these are rumors. I am not sure if these sources were throwing out some rumor reverb or if there is some knowledge here. They seem to have placed Blood Angels first.

via Larry Vela on Bols
Into the fall we will see the back to back pairing of Blood Angels and Dark Eldar, with a limited edition boxed set featuring both sandwiched in between.

This is to be a repeat of the same pattern GW has now tested out with Orks-SanctusReach-Stormclaw-SpaceWolves.

This large multi month pattern will take us into the holidays.

These rumors are rated Average - Low coming from both known and unknown sources
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