There is a new Space Wolf flyer coming next week, that comes with two options. Space Wolves are here with a new flyers that look capable of competing with the Stormraven.

Please remember that this is still a rumor. 

via an anonymous source in Faeit 212
It will come in 2 versions:
First - 215 points
One - assault transport with TL hell frost cannon
Two fire modes:
- s6 ap3, blast, then it forces a Str test. If the test is failed, the enemy dies
- s8 ap1 , heavy 1 - rest is the same
16 models capacity
Heavy Bolters with MMelta or Skyhammer Option
Second: 220 points
6 models capacity
Hell frost cannon (the same as above)
Storm Strike missile
Both flyers have Machine Spirit and Ceramite plating.

The model will cost as much as a storm raven.
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