Logan Grimnar on foot or pulled by a thunderwolf on a sled. Just awesome for this new Lord of War. A little more in these new Space Wolf codex info bits.

Please remember that early info must be considered rumors

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Hey there some info about the new SW codex. Not a lot but a couple tie bits. Came from someone who works for GW
New Logan grimnar model- can be on foot or in a landsled pulled by, yes a thunder wolf. He is a lord of war
New dreadnought model called murderfang has a storm shield and he has 7 attacks +D3
Murderfang/venerable/Bjorn are a plastic multi kit 

I would consider this to be 100% accurate. This is the same guy who told me about the orks codex and he was spot on. 

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