This week's pre-order releases are out now with a rather large expansion for the Age of Sigmar. This includes Morathi for the Broken Realms and the new battlebox Shadow and Pain.

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Shadow & Pain pits the forces of the Daughters of Khaine against the Hedonites of Slaanesh at the outset of the Broken Realms saga. The battlebox contains no less than 38 miniatures, two of which are brand-new and exclusive to this set at the time of launch – the Melusai Ironscale and Lord of Pain. With such a large variety of units, Shadow & Pain is great for both beginners and players looking to expand their collections!
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Rise of the Shadow Queen
 The inaugural book of the Broken Realms series sees Morathi reach the culmination of a plan long in the making – the ascension to godhood. Yet as the Souls Wars draw to an end, the Shadow Queen may yet be denied as other forces gather to thwart her designs. In addition to thrilling background telling the tales of these events, the book introduces heaps of rules with which to set your battles during this exciting new era. 
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Narrative-driven, Featured Army Sets!
 Book 1 of the Broken Realms series, Morathi, introduces loads of epic lore as well as rules for warscroll battalions that represent some of the key forces that fought in the narrative. Each of these army sets is themed around one such formation, meaning they're essentially a warscroll battalion in a box! As such, they make a fantastic start for a new collection inspired by the events of Morathi or expanding an existing collection. 
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 The incredibly popular Space Marine Heroes range is unveiling its third series – this time, however, the Death Guard are taking over! There are six different miniatures available, each of which are push-fit and can be popped off the frame with no need for clippers. As before, they're available as blind-buy purchases or you can buy the full six-piece dispenser to guarantee picking up all of the varieties! 
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Get the Beers In!

And who better to do so with than the duardin Brewmaster-General himself, Jakkob Bugmansson XI? After all, he's the latest in a long line of heirs who can trace their lineage back to their ancient ancestor, the legendary Josef Bugman (of Bugman's Bar fame, no less!). This commemorative holiday miniature won't be around forever, so make sure you secure yours before he vanishes into the clouds at the end of the year.

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