Broken Realms: Morathi goes well beyond the Daughters of Khaine with many armies seeing new rules and updates. This will be a must have to get the new rules. 

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Daughters of Khaine

The biggest shift for the Daughters of Khaine is the change to Morathi’s warscrolls 

AoSBR WarscrollUpdates Nov3 Boxout3t

AoSBR WarscrollUpdates Nov3 Boxout6q

AoSBR WarscrollUpdayes Nov3 Battalion2qm

Cities of Sigmar

The Cities of Sigmar will never be the same following Morathi’s actions, and the new Broken Realms books let you field two that have been most affected – Misthåvn, a place regarded as a hive of criminality, vice and deception by the other free cities, and Har Kuron… you’ll have to read the book to learn the story behind this place. Choose Misthåvn and your Heroes will gain access to some of the elixirs that are available in the shadow port.

AoSBR WarscrollUpdates Nov3 Boxout1s

AoSBR WarscrollUpdates Nov3 Boxout4u

Stormcast Eternals

AoSBR WarscrollUpdates Nov3 Boxout2y

Idoneth Deepkin

The Idoneth are getting updates to a number of their warscrolls, including those for the Akhelian Leviadon, both Eidolons of Mathlann and the Akhelian Allopexes, making them all more attractive choices for your army. 

AoSBR WarscrollUpdates Nov3 Boxout7x

Slaves to Darkness

Speaking of the Slaves to Darkness, they’re seeking to take advantage of the chaos caused in the wake of Morathi. The Broken Realms book lets you take the Idolator keyword when you use the Damned Legions battle trait. 

AoSBR WarscrollUpdates Nov3 Boxout5d

There are also prayers for Tzeentch, Nurgle, Slaanesh and Chaos Undivided but, as we all know, prayers to the dark gods are not always answered

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