Can Your Game Do this? The horror and fear of Illithiads (Mind Flayers) are just awesome. We all saw it in the latest Baldurs Gate 3 trailer (links are all below if you need one). Now we have the awesome miniatures from Archvillian Games from their November Patreon release.

Its time to create a playable army for The Genesys Project and see if we can do this! The answer is of course we can and you will find out very soon that its a very insidious build that not only will be fun to build and print and paint, but taking it to the tabletop! This army will literally fill in what you wish you could do in your games!

So when this release came out from Archvillian Games it was nuts. So what I am going to do here; (so I don't take away any fun from others making factions) is go through our concepts and show a little of our faction and classes created using the rules in the Birth of Genesys the 1st Age. 

Yes, if you have any interest in this its a great time to jump in. The Faction build continues below!

2nd and 3rd Age Kickstarter goes live on Thursday!!!!!!!!! Go here to get notification of when we go live.

The Game
To Learn More about the Genesys Project

Miniatures to be Used in this Faction
The Miniatures mentioned in this article are all 3D print miniatures from November Releases that are available now. 

Baldurs Gate 3 Trailer

I handed this off to my most expert Faction builder (playtester)

Creating the Faction out of the Fey Domain was the best place to start with the Sphere of Madness and Fear as our primary location to begin. Conceptually we saw this as Level 3 Mind Flayer classes leading spawn and thralls (and somehow reducing the size of the illithiad ship for future age gameplay). 

The Faction: 
The Faction he came up with is heavily dependent upon making our Illithiads a Monster Hybrid heavy faction. 

This faction imagines a floating Mind Flayer that with a flick of his wrist creates a barrier deflecting lesser strength attacks away harmlessly. Offensively the creature uses fear as a weapon to keep away attackers while thralls will do most of the heavy lifting in battle. So the Power Crown of Madness and Create Fear are the backbone of his activities.

Here are a couple classes and the faction as a rough draft for the Mind Flayers! 

We have an Elder Brain as the backbone of this faction at level 3 for high command (not listed here). We took forbidden lore to delve into the Monsters of Myth and Legend for bonus traits and the ability to create cool Illithiad monstrosities later on (like several in the minaitures in the above images). 

We even spent a little time seeing how Fey Constructs (living machines) could be used in future ages, like making that ship smaller as a living vehicle to deliver heavy particle lances to the tabletop.

So imagine us diving into Netherlords and other monstrosities as this faction develops and advances. Very excited for this one. That would give us some crazy Level 4 builds.

Here is a look at what we have been messing around with! Of course things could change and have been as we messed around creating this preview of a Mind Flayer faction. 

We used the fillable faction sheets that are free on the website 

We also have some warrior builds for these miniatures, but we can let you the players create your own. 

Our Elder Brain..... allowing us to really get a high Command on the table. Hint.. With a Command of 6  you will be able to activate quite a bit of your army during your player turn and control the flow of the game!

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