Its been a long time in the making and we are finally within 24 hours of launching the 2nd and 3rd Age of The Genesys Project. Its very exciting for us and this will bring all 3 Ages of Gameplay into the fold for players.  

The Genesys Project is a Tabletop Miniatures Wargame like no other, were you create your own species and evolve a faction to suit your narrative and style. Unlike other games that have pre-determined factions created by a team of game designers, The Genesys Project puts you in control of your faction to play, progress, and use the miniatures that you want. 

We would like everyone to join us tomorrow at launch at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST or 8pm GMT to see what we are about, download the free Vehicle/Tank builder (to see how players can create their own vehicles), and join the campaign. 

Your Invited: to get a notice/reminder of when we go live just follow the link to get your notification. 

Here is a preview of our what to expect tomorrow for pledges.


In our pledges we want you to be able to order what you want and customize your pledge level. To do this you will be able to select the Age book of your choice and then through Kickstarters brand new Add-On function (which we are one of the first to use!) be able to create the pledge you want in either Digital, Full Color Hardback, or both. 

You will see that we have special deals for those of you already with the Birth of Genesys the 1st Age and Core Rules to give you the maximum deal we could get in the Legacy Eternity Pack and wanted to continue the deal for someone new getting every age. 

We also have two special Pledge Levels that will involve creating your faction before printing of the books to be included in each Age. These are were so much fun last time and our artists for the game will be jumping in to create artwork as well for each of the factions made. These are extremely limited as we only have so much space in each book!

Stretch Goals will provide items for free including Age Specific Faction Packs, Rules Expansions (the Apocalypse and End Times), as well as stretching up to get the upcoming Campaign books for your Ages. 

Remember that when you jump into an Age Book you are getting the rules for every Domain to create your own faction with thousands of combinations. Many find it surprising to find so many of them extremely viable on the tabletop with us spending years working on the balancing of the gaming system to make it so.   

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