Blood Angels are getting some of their codex supplement rules previewed today from WarCom. Good time to check them out as they will be on pre-order this weekend!

via WarCom

"Battle-forged Detachment ability, Savage Echoes, which makes the Assault Doctrine deadlier when active – especially when you consider this is IN ADDITION to Shock Assault!"

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"for Blood Angels who have given in to the Black Rage and been consigned to the Death Company."

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One of the most powerful is Red Rampage, which affects not just one unit, but YOUR ENTIRE ARMY – and for just a single Command point! 

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Warlord Traits

The Blood Angels are well known for the aesthetic – and devastating – quality of their wargear. If you want to properly tool your Warlord up with all the best death-dealing equipment, make them an Artisan of War.

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This Warlord Trait enables you to kit them out with an item of Special-issue Wargear AND a Relic for a killer melee/ranged or attack/defence combo.


"Speaking of which, the new supplement includes five Relics for the Blood Angels and another two for the Flesh Tearers. "

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"The magna-grapples that can be mounted on Furioso and Death Company Dreadnoughts, for example, are a lot of fun!"

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