Morathi is out but people are sharing what is going on in the story line, so if you are interested in spoilers or already have the book, here is your chance to catch up and see what GW finds the most important parts of the story line.

***Spoilers Below***

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The first chapter in the unwinding tale of upheaval in the Mortal Realms is here, and now we can finally talk about what’s going on! It’s big news, and that’s got us thinking about what’s coming. Today we’ll give you a quick rundown and offer some conjecture about what it means for some of the movers and shakers in the Age of Sigmar. 

It should go without saying, but we’ll say it once anyway – this article contains some major spoilers. If you haven’t yet read through Broken Realms: Morathi, turn back now if you want to savour the story. 

Morathi’s Ambition

As the Soul Wars rage on across the Mortal Realms, Morathi plans some big moves of her own. The High Oracle convinces the Stormcast Eternals to join her Daughters of Khaine in a daring raid on the Eightpoints, seeking to rob Archaon the Everchosen of power that could otherwise tip the balance of the ongoing conflict in his favour.

But Morathi’s ultimate plan is to steal a powerful artefact and the potent realmstone of the Eightpoints and use them to complete a ritual that results in her ascension to godhood. The ritual also involves a certain imprisoned god… 

Slaanesh Unbound

The High Oracle of Khaine employs powerful magic to plunge into the roiling mass of souls trapped in the belly of Slaanesh, devouring the most potent of them to empower herself. While Morathi intends to use Slaanesh for her own gain, the ritual inadvertently weakens the bonds holding the Prince of Pleasure imprisoned. 

The Hedonites of Slaanesh flock to their reborn god, still a formless, protean swirl of brilliant colours and light. This Slaanesh-thing finally settles down to recover and gain strength, protected by throngs of ecstatic followers beyond number. 

Ripples Across the Realms

This book ends with an ominous note. While Morathi has gained power and broken her alliance with Sigmar, the return of Slaanesh changes everything. Will Archaon add the patronage of yet another god to his name? Against all odds, Morathi has forged an alliance between the Daughters of Khaine and the Idoneth Deepkin – it’s not yet clear how Teclis will react to the rise of his shameful creations. What powerful aelven souls were released from Slaanesh’s embrace, and how many new followers will the Dark Prince amass? 

The balance of power across the Mortal Realms is ever-changing, and the other gods – Sigmar, Nagash, Gorkamorka, and many others – are sure to set their own plans into motion in response. As we’ve seen in the first piece of Broken Realms fiction, ‘The Clobbering’, the Orruks can sense a change… but what might that portend?

Whatever happens next, it’s sure to have far-reaching consequences for everyone involved (and that means literally everyone).

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