We are doing a submission giveaway for What's On Your Table. One lucky submission chosen at random will get a $50 credit/giftcard to a Gaming Company of your choice. (as long as they do gift cards). Send in up to 8 pics or a short video to natfka@live.com

So lets get your submissions in on what you have on your table. This lasts through the end of the year. The winner will be random from every submission sent in.

Hi Natfka, an updated blast from the past: a Conqueror-class robot for my Squat army.

It’s a Kastelan robot body, but the torso looked too short, so I extended it with a circular spacer and covered the front with the little chest armour piece. The head and autocannon are from the Armiger kit, with one of the fist gauntlets for the armour panel behind the head, and added dangling wires. The Kastelan fist itself always seemed a bit puny to me, so I extended it with one of the shoulder joints which has the same rivets, and used half of the original head as a shoulder pad.

And yep, went with one of the old Rogue Trader colour schemes. Painting all those chequers on curved surfaces was a test on the old sanity, but got there in the end. Not perfect by any means (the hammer on the shoulder was to cover up where I couldn’t get the checks to meet up), but has the desired effect (i.e. hurting the eyes) from a distance.

Hopefully the picture of the robot next to the Rhino with disembarking Squats justifies my choice of the mad old colour scheme as it bridges the grey of my vehicles with the bright reds and yellows of the jackets and gloves.
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