The next two Age books for The Genesys Project launch next week on Kickstarter. With this you will be able to create your customized faction in the 2nd (modern/post apocalyptic) and 3rd (sci fi/far distant future) ages. 

Make certain you are signing up to be on notice when we go live on Kickstarter November 12th 12pm PST

Genesys Games Website:

Some great things you will be able to do in the next two books is customize and create new classes of tanks, mechs, and other types of vehicles. You will also be able to create your versions of powered armor, customize your weapons, and so much more. 

This will take your games into the next level of gaming because you get to create your own faction using models you already have, or wish to resurrect from collecting dust. You can create your faction in any of the three ages from Fantasy/Medieval, Modern/Apocalyptic, to Far Distant Future/ Sci-fi. 

You can even create your faction in one age and play advancing and progressing your faction through all three ages! This creates a narrative unlike any other. Heroes are created from Gameplay. New Classes can be made. With the 5 Domains of Life; Humanoid, Fey, Reptilia, Biest, and Insekt you can create just about anything you can imagine.

Check out the graphics below to see how things work for the game!

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