There is some new Death Guard terrain coming that will be alongside the new Death Guard codex.

via WarCom

OK, you caught us. The eagle-eyed among you (or those blessed by Nurgle’s unwholesome insight) may have noticed a previously unseen piece of terrain in a video a few weeks back. Well, we’re here to tell you more about this horrible and utterly repugnant terrain kit, as it’s on its way soon – along with the new Death Guard codex!

40kDG Terrain Nov11 Image2i
First up, let’s take a closer look at… brace yourself… the Miasmic Malignifier! Let’s be honest, after working out how to pronounce that (own up – you were totally mouthing [My-az-mik Muh-line-i-fire] as you read it!), you earned it. Behold its rancid magnificence!

Super-gross, right? And no, we don’t want to think about what sort of vile fluids are being pumped around in there, let alone the toxic fumes being spewed forth from its chimney. But irrespective of your own opinions on the matter, the Death Guard love everything it has to offer! This is no surprise, really, as its presence makes these notoriously tough champions of the Plague God even harder to kill thanks to its Putrescent Fog ability.

40kDG Terrain Nov11 Boxout1j
What’s more, the Miasmic Malignifier is so contagious (and stinky) that nearby enemies suffer terribly in its proximity. Even if it’s destroyed, the foetid furnace will likely burst in a Putrid Explosion – how wonderfully Nurgley! You can look forward to the (un)freshly updated edition of Codex: Death Guard and this revolting new kit next month

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