If you are new to whole Patreon thing for 3D Printing miniatures then its a whole new world to discover some amazing miniatures being released that are just over top amazing. While some months are better than others each Patreon, there are some things to consider when joining these to get your miniatures.

Image above is from the Archvillian Games November Release

Here are my personal Top 10 Things to Consider on 3D Printing Patreons.

10.You do not need to have a 3D Printer yet to join Build up your Library! If you plan on eventually getting a 3D printer.... and I have a feeling most of you will or have a friend that will its definitely worth your while to have a Stl library for the things you will want to print. If you sign up for a month of a Patreon for an army or release, its normally about $10. This will save you money to do it now and not later.

9. Finding a Great Patreon is like Crack Cocaine. Once you find them and decide that "Hey one month will work" its often hard to get rid of as you get to see what is coming the following month. However the most frugal of us can bounce in and out of Patreon accounts once in awhile to get the files we want and avoid the ones we don't. My advice, be strong. Get the months you want. 

Anvil Digital Forge Patreon

8. Check Back with your Patreon during the Month for Updates. There are many times during the month files are being worked on, sometimes fixed if there is a problem, or added to. With any Patreon you should be checking back with them about mid month. Mid month around the 15th is about when everything is locked in, errors fixed and large projects completed.

7. So many to choose from, Select the Ones you will Print. Let it go you resin addict or you will have more files than you can ever print. You don't need every month from every Patreon account you like. Be selective get the months you want. It's OK to go in and out of a Patreon. I wont think bad of you and others should not either. Stick to a 2-3 Patreons a month and switch them out as need be. (now if only I could follow this one.........).

6. Attitude. Yea we all get the bad attitude once in awhile. Once you are a member of a Patreon there may be months or releases you don't want. Please don't threaten to leave. Just leave (not being rude). The owners of the Patreon account don't need that much drama. They do notice when someone leaves and they do take note. They want to please everyone (which is impossible). So please if you are considering leaving, don't be so dramatic, just leave and come back if the following months are more your style. When you do you may even Announce it with open arms and shouts to the heavens how much you like the months that you do. This goes a long ways in keeping the experience positive.

Titan Forge Minaitures

5. Download both the Pre-Supported and the Non-Supported. Many Patreon accounts have items like Terrain or bases that do not have supports. If you go in thinking that you will only ever be printing the pre-supported miniatures you will find that you might miss out on something you need. 

4. Back up File are important. Some Patreons are great at this and give you permanent access to the months of your files (even if you quit the patreon) you will still have access through My Mini Factory. Here all of your files are online at your disposal. Great for those Patreons. For the others you will want to make certain you are saving the zipped files somewhere. Don't forget. 

Cyber Forge

3. Downloading Protocol. Most Patreons download through Sync. This is problematic as it can really become bogged down when a release is first out. Give it a rest and have some patience. You will get your files but getting them the first moments of a release are like pulling teeth. Some Patreons have options here from where to download, but if you give it a bit and download when either the US/CA or Europe are mostly asleep, you downloads will come faster. Even wait a couple days if you can. 

2. When Signing Up there is a Tremendous Value: When you sign up for a Patreon there is often a Welcome Pack, and often big discounts from Patreons past releases. If you really want a past release the discounts may well pay for your month of the Patreon and with the Welcome Pack..... add tremendous value to your miniatures.

1. Patreon Accounts Support the Artists that are doing them. This part is important. Its supporting them and encouraging them to create even more great content. The miniature market is changing fast and supporting these guys will do nothing but encourage a fast growing and crazy hobby in miniatures. 

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