A very detailed review of The Genesys Project. I will be very interested in a hearing more from RagnarokAngel as she builds factions and plays the game some. Very solid review on game mechanics and how the game functions and creating factions, and where the game's sweetspot lies, gaming amongst friends. 

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Review Quotes: RagnarokAngel over at Goonhammer
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"The game follows an alternate activation models, with a twist. Players can activate a number of units in a row equal to the highest command value of their units (one of the games 9 stats shared amongst all units) which helps move things along a lot faster rather than one unit at a time passing back and forth, but not quite facing the full army of a you-go-I-go system. Whichever player finishes all their activations first gets to go first next turn, meaning the player with fewer activations has a slight advantage, addressing another common problem with alternating activations"

"There are a lot of other upgrades you can look at too such as better armor or weapons, or magical weapons or spells to cast, ultimately the amount of customization options is staggering and gives players looking to create their own ideas from scratch a lot to sink their teeth into."

"The real joy of playing this game is going to come from building a world together with friends, painting up a small starting force and shaping the narrative through regular battles (potentially roleplaying the diplomatic parts in between). The number of options likely would make this overwhelming to new wargamers, although the book does a decent job of walking you through the process and it is reasonably laid out, and being a miniature agnostic game you can pick up some very cheap minis to get a starting force going, making the buy in amongst friends a lot more reasonable than many other games. When COVID lockdowns start to lift I hope to start my own force with some local people."

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