The Genesys Project on Thursday launches its next set of books through Kickstarter; The Revelations of Genesys the 2nd Age and The Exodus of Genesys the 3rd Age. 

Lets take a look at what to expect on Thursday's launch.

Link to get notifications on launch day:

Responses from the Community

First off we have spent an incredible amount of time to make this an event that will be fun and engaging. We are excited this time around because we know what we have coming to you will be something you love, quite possibly more than the first time you were with us. Some comments from the last launch we had.......

"This, this is why I jumped headfirst into this game. Imagination comes first models second and there is always someway or somehow the rules make it a reality. Thank you natfka you have successfully revived my childhood wonder and enjoyment for table top war gaming."

 "I finally got around to opening up the book and wow! I was never expecting such a wide verity of options for every race, you guys went above and beyond designing this thing. I'm really glad I got a chance to talk to the creator at NOVA and I'm looking forward to what's next for the game (and to actually start playing it once we can safely see people again)."

  "Just arrived an hour ago at my doorstep in The Netherlands. First impression: Don't regret backing this! Excellent books! Impression after reading first few pages of core rulebook: I am going to have so much fun!!"

  "Books in hand, literally just came through the door. Really well made, smashed it out the park mate. Cheers."

Customizing your Pledge

Keeping with the customization theme of The Genesys Project we are making certain that our Pledge Levels offer you a level of customization that you would love to have. This means pledges that let you select the Age books you wish and customize it with all the options available. This means that if you want the Revelations of Genesys the 2nd Age + Genesys Project Templates and Dice, you can do this easily and even decide to pick up the 1st Age and Core Rules. 

Kickstarter's new Add-On function: We are one of the first Kickstarters that will be implementing Kickstarter's new Beta testing of their Add-On functions. This means that you will be able to use their new functions after selecting a pledge level to add--on what you want to your order. 

Because this is in beta still, we are offering you a choice to do this within Kickstarter or in the traditional method of just increasing your pledge level to make your add-on selections after the campaign ends. 

Stretch Goals- Freebies!

For all pledge levels there will be freebies within the stretch goals for the campaign. Some higher level pledges will have access to even more freebies in the stretch goals but don't worry if you did not sign up for one of those pledges as we will be making the stretch goals available as add-ons as well. 


We have some surprises coming as well for our supporters. Luckily for us we will be running the campaign through Black Friday and plan to have some extra fun items available during that time!

Sharing Even More About the Contents of the 2nd and 3rd Age

During the Campaign we will be discussing and sharing some exciting parts of the books with you. This can include some reveals, screenshots, etc of what you will be finding in the new books. 

We hope you will be joining us on Thursday. 

North America 12pm PST and 3pm EST
Europe 8pm GMT
Australia (Sidney 7am on Friday)

Its time to spread the word to your gaming groups to come join the fun. 

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